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Year 2014
Pages 519
Language English
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Category Romántica y erótica

Book Description:

HOT STUFF COMING THROUGH!Come and read about these princes of the house who cant take their eyes (or anything else) off their little brats! Of course these little brats are up for anything…even if it is their first time!Dont wait, read it all now!~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Bradley checks his work e-mails as the movie plays on the TV screen. Kiara, his 18-year old stepsister, is sitting beside him.Kiara picks up her can of soda, taking a sip of it. She puts it back down on the coffee table, focusing on the movie the whole time.Bradley fees horny. Of course, he hasnt said anything about that to Kiara.But he has no idea if shes horny or not. Why would he know? He wouldnt. Its just his sex-addled brain trying to distract him.Mm, Kiara squirms around on the couch. She gets up and Bradley pauses the movie as she does.Whats up? he asks.Im uncomfortable, she says, rearranging the cushions. Bradley gets up too and gives her a hand, and when its all ready they straighten up.There, he says to her. That better?Kiara looks up into her stepbrothers eyes, and for some reason he sees something there that wasnt there before.I guess well just have to find out now, wont we? she asks, giving him a sultry smile.Bradleys cock starts to become stiff as he smells his little sister. Shes so close to him that theyre almost touching. Not like they havent touched before, but not like this…not in this way.He doesnt know what to do. Kiara chews her lower lip and his heart skips a beat in his chest. Is she thinking what he is? Because if she is then she must have one hell of a dirty mind.Waves of sudden excitement flow over Kiara. She finds herself caught, unable to move away from her stepbrother.Her fingers feel tingly. Her heart beats fast in her chest. She knows that she should look away but she cant. Wont. Doesnt want to. She wants to be here with him. She wants to be with him.You know, Bradley says to his stepsister. Dont tell anyone I said this, but any girlfriend I bring home is actually a little bit jealous of us.What? Kiara asks. Jealous of us?Yeah, Bradley says. They think we spend too much time together, and that somethings going to happen.Kiara laughs and Bradley watches her.Thats silly, she says, and she looks up at him, a nervous look in her eyes. … What could happen?Kiara and Bradley look at each other. She sees him staring at her, his expression unreadable, his glowing blue eyes alive with something…something…Kiara cant breathe. Shes trapped in those eyes of his, unable to get away. She feels her lips part and Bradleys gaze drops down to them for a second. She sees him part his own lips, ever so slightly, and as he moves his head down to hers she closes her eyes, her body acting through instinct, without any intervention from her brain just a moment before they kiss.



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