by . ORION

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Year 2013
Pages 449
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Romántica y erótica

Book Description:

Suffering severe head trauma in an automobile accident, Investment banker Archie Crane clings to life in Intensive Care. While his friends, family and colleagues wait to learn his fate, the players in Archie’s world begin behaving strangely. It soon becomes clear that the comatose Mr. Crane’s very private sexual fantasies are somehow being acted out by everyone he comes in contact with, either directly or indirectly. Not only that, these heated fantasies take shocking twists, involving bondage, domination and lots of sexual kink. The nurse in charge of Archie becomes a submissive seductress, while his young and demanding wife, Lucille is behaving quite unlike herself. And Valerie, the rude young lady who hit Archie with her mother’s SUV, is suddenly transformed, becoming helpful and kind. In fact, she seems to have taken charge of Archie and his every need. She visits him daily, even when he moves to a regular room. She’s fallen in love with the older man, and soon her own desires for Archie begin to take shape. It is Valerie who takes the gold-digging Lucille in hand and teaches her some hard lessons, while she handles the details of Archie’s divorce. Poor Lucy’s life will be nothing like she had in mind when she married the wealthy Archie. Even Valerie’s parents, Greg and Marion, have their lives turned upside down when Marion discards her old self and becomes determinedly submissive. It’s quite a shock when Greg comes home to find his wife on the floor at his feet bearing an attitude of submission quite unlike the Marion he knows. This intriguing cast of characters turn Archie’s prolific fantasy life into a sizzling hot story of sexual surrender and submission. A wide variety of bdsm activity.



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