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Year 2017
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Scott’s flagrant foul just lost the big game. He’s used to hitting it fast and hard, but is he ready for Coach’s down and dirty discipline in the locker room? Scott is sure his hunky Coach will have some hard and rough words for him.Scott is ready and eager to please his coach. Can he make up for his error, or will Coach show Scott just how hard it is to play for his team?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~That tension came flooding back, the tension that seared through him every time Coach invaded his space. The familiar confusion of shame and arousal poured through him and he stumbled over his stuttering reply. “I. I. Sir, I. I’ll run. Pushups. Whatever you want. I’ll do it.”Scott’s eyes rose from Coach’s heaving chest to his eyes then back down again. He’d seen something there. Just a spark, just a hint, but it had Scott on fire. He shifted from foot to foot, fidgeting under the growing tingle between his legs. He cursed himself. He closed his eyes and tried to block out the sensations, but Coach was close. He could feel the heat coming off the man, hear him as he struggled to control his breathing.He heard a low growl emanate from Coach’s throat. “Are you taking any of this seriously, or are you lost in your own world?”Coach moved suddenly. Scott flinched. Coach ripped his shirt over his head in one violent motion. “Happy now?” he asked. “Is this what you were thinking about? Not how you disappointed your team?”Scott’s chest seized and his breaths came in and out in strangled bursts. He closed his eyes again to cut off the vision of Coach’s chiseled body. Every ripple, every crease, every dip and valley was cut into rock hard stone. Scott’s arousal twitched. He’d memorized that body. He ground his teeth together, forcing his indecent thoughts down.“No, Sir. I. I.” The words came out in a fluttered mess. His heart was hammering. “No, Coach, I’m not happy.”“Look at me.”Scott set his jaw, determined not to betray himself. The anger in Coach’s eyes had lowered to a simmer, but it was still there. There was something else too, something Scott had seen a moment before. Coach was searching him, searching for an answer to he knew not what. He must have known, and Scott was terrified at his discovery.Coach’s massive chest and biceps flexed. He unbuckled his belt and the slip of leather through cotton set Scott’s every nerve on edge. Coach drew the belt through the last loop and doubled it over and then snapped it. The sharp report cracked and Scott jumped.“Is this what you want?” Coach asked. “You want to be punished?”Scott couldn’t breathe quickly enough. He bordered on hyperventilating. His eyes popped open, roaming over Coach’s taut muscles, his big hands, and the thick leather belt he held. His member swelled under the tight restraints of his jock strap. The hot flare of a searing blush scorched his cheeks and neck. He couldn’t speak. It was what he wanted, but he could never speak it. Not like this. Not now.“I see.” Coach nodded his understanding.The man was quick. He lunged at Scott and seized him by the scruff of his neck. Scott cried out in surprise but didn’t resist as Coach muscled him forward. Scott’s thighs came into contact with Coach’s big, wood desk. Coach bent him double and slammed him chest down onto the surface. Scott struggled for just a moment, but Coach dug his fingers into Scott’s neck and pushed his face into the desk. He stopped fighting him, deciding to let the punishment come.



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