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Year 2016
Pages 159
Language English
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Category Literatura

Book Description:

OMG…SO HOT!These little brats are doing it hard and without protection for their first time. The princes of the house know just how to make them squeal!Read all about it!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Christian sits on the couch, bent over the coffee table. Hes got his laptop in front of him, and hes doing some quick work. Christians a work at home Grant Writer, a nice gig he got into that allowed him to keep this house going with his 18-year old stepsister Madelyn.Madelyn walks out of the kitchen with a book in hand. She sits down and opens the book on Legal Studies, her major in college. But no matter how much she tries reading it, she finds she just cant get into the material.Madelyn gets up, giving her back a stretch. Shes hungry, and theres some leftover barbecue in the fridge from her 18th birthday party. Besides that she needs do to something to distract her. She keeps thinking about her stepbrother Christian, and nows not the time to slip off to her bedroom to masturbate to the thought of him.She gets into the kitchen and the noise must make Christian think the same thing, because she hears him get up and come into the kitchen too. Madelyns heart starts racing. When her hot, muscular stepbrother walks around the corner and sees her she cant stop from becoming wet. He must notice somethings up because he doesnt say anything. He just walks right up to her.You know, kiddo, Christian says to his stepsister. I must say, I get worried about you at your college sometimes.Oh yeah? Madelyn asks. Why do you get worried?Because, all the guys there must be falling over themselves trying to get to you, he says. Madelyn looks up at him as he takes in her incredible body and beautiful face with one look. And I must say, if I were there, Id do the exact same thing.Madelyns stepbrother pulls her body close to his, grabbing onto the small of her back. She feels his fingers clench into her skin; the fabric of her t-shirt tightened across her stomach and lower ribs and she feels her heart leap directly into her throat.



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