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Year 2016
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Book Description:

Will they or wont they?After living together for so long,you cant blame these little brats and the princes of the house for wanting toexperiment. But one thing leads to another, and before you know it theyre doing it for thefirst time, and its always hard and without protection!Im waiting for you!~~~~~ PGExcerpt ~~~~~The green space of the college quadsits grand, majestic as John and his 18-year old stepsister Aubrey walk alongit.I remember coming here when Iwas your age, John says to his little sister. He looks around withnostalgic eyes. Lot of good memories here.Aubrey smiles up at her stepbrother,wondering where she can take him next.Oh man, want to see the bestspot on campus? Aubrey asks her stepbrother.He smiles at her. Um,obviously I do, he says. Aubreys smile widens.Come on, she says, andthe two of them head there.Aubrey feels horny. She thinks aboutrubbing herself,but know that it wont do the trick. This is a different type of horniness.Its like a craving. And even though shes a virgin, she knows what shes craving.Shes craving her stepbrother, John.Just a little higher,Aubrey says a little while later, and soon enough she and her stepbrother walkout onto the dorm roof. If you go near the edge you can see out over thecampus, but only a few steps back makes you invisible to those below.Wow, John says to hislittle sister. And you say nobody else comes up here?Nope, Aubrey says withpride. Nobody else seems to know how to get up here.John turns to look at his littlesister and she smiles at him. He walks up to her, stopping right in front ofher.Oh, John says when helooks at Aubreys face. Youve got an eyelash.Oh, Aubrey says. Andthen, Would you get it for me?John, swallowing, reaches forwardand lifts the tiny lash from his little sisters smooth skin. They both look atit and then she puffs out her cheeks and blows it away.Did you wish for something?John asks, knowing what he would wish for.Yes, Aubrey says. Sheslooking him right in the eyes now. And Im going to make it cometrue.



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