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Conflict is inspired by our enemy, the devil, and has the potential to destroy not only individual lives, but also local churches. Conflict accompanies a level of division and destruction from which some people never recover. Differences occur because we as human beings are diverse. The key to embracing differences and avoiding conflict can be discovered through Gods Word.Drawing from over 20 years of ministry experience, Bishop Tudor Bismark makes the case in Conflict Resolution that conflict can be managed for mutual and corporate benefit by initiating a few foundational principles. In this dynamic booklet and leadership guide, Bishop Bismark answers key questions:• What are the real and lasting effects of conflict on a local church?• How are gifted people transitioned to their next place in ministry without splitting a church?• In what ways should senior pastors administer discipline?• How does ministry leadership begin again after serious scandal or conflict occurs?In addition to insightful experience, Bishop Bismark also provides practical guidelines for establishing written documentation to assist in conflict resolution – documentation that is foundational for any successful ministry. This booklet and guide will provide practical wisdom from years in ministry service that will teach pastors, leaders and lay members to identify and stand in sober defence against the enemys devices. Prepare to be practically equipped with the wisdom and tools to positively manage conflict in a spirit of love – whether it is in your house or local church; or with your spouse, pastor or fellow believer in the Body of Christ.Accompanying CDs & DVDs are also available.



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