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Year 2010
Pages 507
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Filología

Book Description:

You would think that a real Creator would be honored and revered; not hunted as an outlaw or duped into thinking they were were just story writers. Popular author Kala discovers that its not easy being a Creator, trying to save her created world from her own king, deceit, magic, and also trying to manage her heart and the heart of Glade, messenger from a desperate land who literally worships the ground she walks on. Riss, another Creator as anxious to come out of hiding as he is to have his teeth pulled, joins them as they leave the Land of the Creation and try to fix up the corruption of a more cunning mind than theirs.Just Resolution is a touch of fantasy, a touch of drama, a touch of romance, and a touch of action. There is humor and satire as the authors come to terms with storybook cliches playing out before them. There is not one hero in this story, but several characters who combine to perform an heroic task as they try to undo the work of a corrupt king who has trampled a once-noble tradition of Creation and made it his own personal game of ultimate power.Can they stop him by using Kalas inherent power as the lands Creator? Or, will the king find ways to take her power and rule as the chief deity of the whole land?



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