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Update: December 12, 2010It is possible to apply for Korean Citizenship as per immediate. There are a few conditions though. Currently applications are supposed to be accepted only within the Republic of Korea. Also, only permanent residents (Fx-visa holders) can apply. Furthermore G.O.A.L has tried to receive confirmation that the status of an orphan guarantees to be exempt from service but was not able to do so. For this particular reason G.O.A.L recommends all male adoptees who may be eligible for active military duty to wait for the Military Law Revision (submitted by Congressman Kim Chung-hwan) to be passed by the National Assembly.An information booklet will be published in December 2010 which contains vital information about the advantages/disadvantages of Dual Citizenship for Korean adoptees. Since allowing Dual Citizenship is a precedence in the world of international adoption, many things will continue to change - a work in progress. G.O.A.L promises to communicate all changes as accurate as possible to the international adoptee community. G.O.A.L intends to publish the Guidebook to Korean Citizenship also in an electronic form (English, French) early 2011.Currently the following countries allow Dual Citizenship: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, U.S.A.Only Norway and Denmark do not allow Dual Citizenship.G.O.A.L recommends to apply via its citizenship services. All services are free of charge for G.O.A.L members. G.O.A.L is authorized to translate documents that needs to be handed in to immigration office. The Ministry of Justice recognizes G.O.A.L as the official counseling center for Korean adoptees.If you are interested in receiving more information please send an email to [email protected] the campaignIn Fall 2007 G.O.A.L officially started this campaign by researching information about dual citizenship.



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