File size 6 Mb
Year 2010
Pages 176
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Filología

Book Description:

So a principal kidnaps kids and puts them into an alternate dimension. That seems all right. But what happened before that? Tiny little ghosts floating around? Different planets going to war? Flaming skeletons? Talking spike walls? Deadly board games? Maybe a time machine? Who knows? Twelve-year-old Zach Rill is wrapped up in being a teenager. He doesnt know what problems await him. However, being a teenager becomes the least of his problems when he finds something suspicious going on in a mysterious house. While scouting about, he comes across a portal that transports him to another world inhabited by tiny little ghosts named Consciences who have the power to possess people. They are mostly good little ghosts, but a man by the name of William happens to have the power to change them from good to bad, and hes planning to make a powerful Dark Conscience to destroy the Earth. Why he wants to do this, no one knows. Having heard this, Zach Rill is drawn into a quest. Accompanied by a girl named Anna and their Consciences, which are nothing like each other, they set out to save both the Conscience World and their world. But the Conscience World isnt all sunshine and rainbows, and Zach soon learns that the battle taking place before him isnt just between him and his friends and William. In the thrilling prequel to Escape the Dimension, Pranav Puttaparthi shows that theres a lot more to the story than just escaping a dimension.



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