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Love relationships are changing! Today, we want a lover, friend, companion, and most of all, a soul mate connection. Soul Talk offers a fresh way of relating that changes the very nature of how men and women relate to one another, opening up the possibility of a deeper, more fulfilling love. These innovative and powerful tools help you strengthen all of your relationships, especially the one with your love mate. The tools taught in the book include:• Intuitive Listening allows you to tap into the heart of your relationship for deeper love and connection• Listening Empty helps you quickly resolve conflict and re-connect• Speaking to Empower keeps conversations positive, even the difficult ones• Acknowledgment and Appreciation keeps that in love feeling alive throughout your lives together• Creative Communication helps you get out of the trap of escalating conflict and into resolving your toughest issues• The Power of Intention is immense! Learn how to set intentions that bring out your love and connection• Compassionate Listening helps you break the cycle of communication avoidance and deepen your love• The Healng Apology helps you put past hurts solidly in the past so you can move foward and reconnect in joy• Heart and Soul Forgiveness is not just an intellectual exercise, but a true healing processThe learning and practice of Soul Talk allows two very different individuals to understand one another, resolve conflict, and deepen and enrich the love that they share. A lifetime soul mate love is really possible, and these are the tools to help that happen. To get the most benefit, read this book with your partner, one chapter at a time, and discuss them together. Take your time - the reward is in the journey of discovery. Set the intention to learn and grow, and use the Soul Talk tools to deepen your love and revitalize your relationship.



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